Fax Blast / Fax Broadcasting / Fax Advertising Services

Whether you need to do fax blast, fax broadcasting or fax advertising to your contacts located locally, nationally, or internationally, Hexabomb Studios can save you time and money. Let us seamlessly manage all aspects of your Fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising. No investment in additional hardware or software is necessary in order to tap into our state-of-the-art network for fax blast, bax broadcasting or fax advertising.

Hexabomb Studios provides you with the means to send via fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising information to thousands or tens of thousands of recipients regardless if your market is in Canada or the USA. For your fax blast, fax advertising or fax broadcasting needs, we provide you access to the most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective method of seamlessly communicating with your network of clients through fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising, with full tracking and verification. We have fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising solutions that are right for you.

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Blast Fax Features:

  • High-speed, high-volume fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising
  • Express-same-day or scheduled output of fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising
  • Highest resolution available for fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising
  • Instantaneous and simultaneous dissemination
  • Customized, sophisticated merge documents
  • Dynamic re-attempts of undeliverable records
  • Seamless Integrated fax or email output
  • Flexible database management, manipulation and archiving
  • Customized detailed reporting of your fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising
  • Job status and tracking
  • Your fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising proprietary data is kept secure and confidential
  • Lower or eliminate long distance charges for your fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising
  • Reach your market in Canada or the USA through fax blast, fax broadcasting and fax advertising

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Blast Fax Pricing:

Canada wide broadcasting | All Provices:

Personalized transmission with database = $750 + 4 cents / page
Generic transmission with database = $600 + 2.5 cents / page

USA wide broadcasting | All States:

Personalized transmission with database = $750 + 6 cents / page
Generic transmission with database = $600 + 5 cents / page

For more info, please contact us.

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Email Blast / Email Marketing / Email Advertising

Whether you need to do a general email blast to hundreds, thousands, or millions of 'opt-in' email addresses...or, you would like to do a focused email campaign to your private contact list only, Hexabomb Studios can help you acheive your goals with both. Our general email marketing service will arrive in 'inboxes' locally, nationally, or internationally. Our focused email marketing services swiftly delivers your message directly to your contact lists inboxes...with no chance of getting flagged as spam.

Let Hexabomb Studios seamlessly manage all aspects of your next email marketing campaign. Let our professional design team create either a graphic based HTML email campaign or a text based campaign that clearly defines and delivers your company message.

If you're looking for massive internet exposure for your product or service, you've come to the right place! Email marketing is the best direct marketing tool available on the market today. The impact of using this form of media results in a substantial and almost instantaneous return. It is a fact that email marketing substantially increases visibility to your product or service.

Document Type

Email marketing can be done in two different ways; plain text or HTML. A plain text document is a text email outlining your products and/or services in a very simple and non-graphical way. An HTML document is more like a web page...we can insert graphics, photographs, effects, and graphs. Both types of documents allow for the establisment of hyperlinks, which will link to your website. This is important so that we can track successful click through rates.

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Tracking & Reporting

We use a 24/7 real-time URL and email tracking service. You'll be able to track Emails Sent, Emails Opened, and Total Clicks Received. You'll also be able to verify that your ad is actually being sent! No other form of media can generate such an accurate and detailed report; a report which enables you to grasp the effectiveness and the high output of this type of direct marketing.

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Email Marketing Categories

  • Generic (Men, Woman, International)
  • Business (Entrepeneurs, SMB's)
  • Ecommerce (Prodcuts, Gifts, Service)
  • Travel (Airlines, Cruises, Hotels)
  • Hotlists (Pets, Fitness, Health/ Wellness)
  • ISP Consumers (Cable, DSL, VOIP)
  • Automobile (Shoppers, Parts)
  • Job Placement (Temp Agencies, Recruiters)
  • Food Industry (Restaurants, Cooking)
  • Medical (Doctors, Pharma, Drugs)
  • Finance (Banking, Investing, Insurance)
  • Student (High School, University)
  • Teachers (Elementary, High School, University)

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We comply with all the CAN-SPAM laws. We ONLY send emails to people that have subscribed to our lists! We also include a disclaimer, a valid return email, a physical address, and an easy way to unsubscribe, and our system honors ALL unsubscribes immediately! It is important to note that you will NEVER lose your hosting account because of SPAM! The reason for this is because we are actually white-listed (approved) by all the major ISPs in the world. If any complaints arise, the ISPs come to US and NOT to you! And this is something we guarantee!

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