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Toronto Web Design | Hexabomb Studios

WordPress. Drupal. Joomla.

The goal of any CMS is to provide you with an application capable to create, deploy, and manage your own website(s).

CMS has placed the ability to update the content on your website in your hands! You can now publish up-to-the minute news and information about your organization whenever you feel it necessary, with the click of a button! It's that easy! Why pay a webmaster to do this job, when you can do it yourself?

User Management

A CMS's user management functions make it easy to delegate work. Each of your staff can be assigned unique permissions so you can control which aspects of your website each team member is responsible for.

Backup and Restoration

The easy to use backup and restoration feature allows you to quickly create an unlimited number of restore points. Restore points are "snap shots" of your website's content at any given time that are conveniently saved in secure area of your website and are made available for you to download in a handy compressed format. Scheduled backups are also possible.

Search Engine Optimization

The CMS's we impliment provide a variety of tools to help maximize your website's exposure to search engines including real URLs, page specific META tags and keywords, site descriptions, and hidden text.

Site Images and Files

The Site Images and Site Files management features provide an efficient, easy to use method of uploading images and files to your website. When uploading an image, a CMS automatically generates thumbnails in three different sizes which you can specify. Batch uploading is also possible.

Site News

The CMS Site News feature is an easy to use tool that you can use to post news items on your website. You have complete control over how many news items are shown and where they are displayed.

Site Pages

Online Text EditorThe Site Pages section allows you to create and edit web pages in an environment similar to Microsoft Word. You have complete control over text formatting, justification and indentation and you can easily insert hyperlinks, pictures, flash multimedia, tables... even check spelling without knowing the first thing about web design or programming.

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